Highest Quality CAD Conversion Services

With our Paper to CAD (Raster to Vector) service you can have your archive paper / vellum / tracing / blue print / hand drawn drawings / raster images converted into electronic CAD files.

Paper to CAD Conversion Benefits

100% Dimensional Accuracy

By manually redrawing, we create a 1:1 working AutoCAD or Revit model.

Consistent Format

Layering, line weights, colours, text fonts, blocks, families etc are all as per client or project specific standards.

Efficient Archiving

Rather than wading through hundreds of archived paper copies the electronic files can be retrieved with ease.

Create More Space

Dispose of old A0, A1, A2, E, D, C archived drawing paper copies.

Manually Redrawing

We manually redraw to your current CAD standards.  We do not use third party conversion software which produce not to scale inaccurate drawings.

Editable File

Our converted files are fully editable, unlike conversions using software.

New Fresh Drawings

For survey work, as built or new build construction.

PDF to CAD Conversion Service

Our paper to CAD team manually re-draft your drawings. We do not use automatic Paper to CAD software. Paper to CAD software creates files that are difficult to edit containing exploded shapes, blocks and text. Manual Paper to CAD conversion of drawings provides high quality, dimensionally accurate and editable CAD files.