Your Design, Your Mark-Ups, We Create the Drawings

We understand the level of detail required at each stage of the design process. We provide accurate, clear and concise AutoCAD drawings or Revit Models based upon your Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing or Fire Engineer’s hand mark-ups.

All files are returned in AutoCAD or Revit format together with a complete set of PDF files if requested.

Outsourcing Mark-Ups Key Points

Your Design and Mark-ups

Your Engineers create hand mark-ups of their design in the usually manner with red pen etc.  The mark-ups are then scanned into pdf or jpg format and sent to us.

Your CAD Standards

We create 2D drawings or 3D models from the scanned mark-ups using your company or project specific CAD Standards including line types, layering, text fonts etc. For blocks or families we use your company standard or follow project equipment schedules.

Complete Drawing Setup

We can setup the AutoCAD or Revit models from scratch if required. This requires no additional input from your in-house staff, allowing them to work on other project key areas.

We Understand Your Requirements

We can interpret  the most complex or even untidy hand mark-ups. Creating double lined HVAC, hydraulic, pipework etc. layouts based upon your Engineer’s single lined mark-ups.  We follow industry CAD standards so you can be sure drawings meet the project specification.

One Day or Overnight Turnaround

We have dedicated teams per discipline so can usually split drawings between staff for a faster finish.  Most packages are returned in one day or overnight due to Philippines time zone difference and of course dependant upon man-hours required.