Outsourcing your drawings has never been easier

Outsourcing CAD packages with OrbitCAD is a very simple process.

Please email us with any additional queries you may have.

What are your hourly rates?

Our rate is fixed with no hidden costs for all drawing disciplines. Please contact us for our AutoCAD and Revit rates via our Contact page.

What currency is used and how do we pay?

We can provide our hourly rate in any of the following currencies:

AUD – Australian Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
GBP – Pound Sterling
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
USD – US Dollar

Payment by using a local bank online transfer in your country.  No need for complicated overseas banking transactions.

Can I have a sample quotation?

Yes of course.

If you would like to send any drawings/mark ups we can send a no obligation quotation no problem.

What is your turnaround time?

We can usually complete AutoCAD 2D packages within 24 hours.

Sometimes 48 hours is required if the package is quite large or if drawings cannot be split between staff.

Revit modelling packages we can usually make an immediate start and provide a fixed completion date with initial quotation.

What CAD standards do you use?

We can complete drawings adhering to British, Australian and U.S CAD Standards.

We are capable of working to any Client or Project Specific CAD Standard requirement.

How can I be sure of quality?

All work is thoroughly checked by our Q.A Team prior to submission to clients.

We have rigid in-house quality procedures ensuring work is completed as per information we receive.

What about client confidentiality?

We are committed to the security and confidentiality of all information that is shared with us.

We can sign a non disclosure agreement if required.

We can also provide our own confidentiality agreement.

How can we communicate effectively?

99% of communication can be done successfully with emails.

For urgent queries we can contact clients by telephone.

We can also have calls using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom.

How robust is your I.T Infrastructure?

Based in Globe Telecom Tower we have a primary high speed broadband connection.

In the unlikely event of internet outage we have an additional internet connection with separate service provider.

Our HP ProLiant Servers and Networked Computers are protected with UPS and Generator Backup.

All drawing files are backed up daily including offsite cloud backup. We keep your drawings backed up for 2 years minimum.

How do I prepare drawing packages?

Simply scan drawings/mark ups in pdf or jpg format. Then zip them up with the AutoCAD or Revit files & an OrbitCAD briefing sheet containing additional instructions.

How do I send drawing packages to you?

Files can be sent using this link if too large to email:

We can also retrieve files from Dropbox, Sharepoint or similar sites if preferred.

Do you have any outsourcing procedures I can read?

Yes, we have an OrbitCAD Preparing Drawing Packages document we can send upon request.